Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Graphic design is an activity in which a quantity of information gives a comfortable and aesthetic form. This often involves the use of typography, images, colors and more.
The products of graphic design in many forms, most common are:
- Print design and layout - books, periodicals, posters
- Design and User Interfaces
- Movies, CD, DVD - introductory design elements, animation, advertising materials
- Graphic identity, graphic design logos, corporate promotional materials, signs and other
- Product design, packaging,
Graphic design in itself includes a thorough knowledge of composition and form, color, color ranges and types of specialized palettes used in modern standard graphics programs. Hudozhestvennite knowledge and a sense of presence in esetika graphic designer, also contribute to the production of good product for the graphic design. Combining color and sharpness of vision and contrast of colors and shades also contribute to better perception of the message. We must not forget the main - except technical and aesthetic knowledge dizynerat must have a particle and intuition to be the bearer of ideas and innovation. All this rolled into one with the right dose of balance and subordination of the idea, suggestion and main purpose are prerequisites for a good graphic or promotional product.

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